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MODFLOW-SURFACTTM is a powerful 3D finite-difference flow and transport modeling code that offers substantial advancements over public-domain versions of MODFLOW. For example, MODFLOW-SURFACT addresses rewetting of drained cell, handling of pumping wells, solute transport problems, numerical dispersion and oscillations, and impacts of transient flow storage effects on transport. What's more, highly efficient, mass-conserving algorithms enable MODFLOW-SURFACT Version 4 to deliver accurate solutions faster than ever before.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
MODFLOW-SURFACT is compatible with all available MODFLOW-based GUIs, including Groundwater Vistas, Visual MODFLOW, Tecplot, and Argus ONE. Two-dimensional visualization is utilized in both plan and cross-sectional views for contour plots, pathlines, and velocity vectors. Three-dimensional animation is the most effective way to observe changes in parameters, head and contaminant concentrations in a transient simulation, piezometric surfaces, pathlines, velocity vectors, and isosurfaces of contaminant plumes.

Advanced Capabilities
  • Robust PCG5 Module up to 20 times faster than PCG4 solver. (Developed by Dr. Peter Forsyth at the University of Waterloo)
  • Reaction Module incorporates user-defined reactions of mobile and immobile chemical component species - invaluable for modeling biodegradation of industrial contaminants
  • Curvilinear Grid option for non-rectangular grids in the areal plane
  • Fully and variably saturated flow and transport modeling
  • Prescribed-ponding recharge and seepage face conditions, as well as delayed yield
  • Adaptive time-stepping to promote stability and convergence for flow and transport simulations
  • Recharge package overcomes unphysical predictions for unconfined systems
  • Total Variation Diminishing (TVD) schemes for physically correct solutions with adaptive temporal weighting
  • Vapor flow for SVE and air sparging simulation
  • Multiphase, multicomponent contaminant transport modeling with biodegradation
  • Robust and efficient Newton-Raphson solver for nonlinear problems
  • Fractured porous media simulation with dual porosity
Professional Applications
  • Simulate multiple water tables or perched water tables
  • Simulate surface water infiltration through the vadose zone to the water table.
  • Simulation of large water table fluctuations causing desaturation/resaturation (drying/wetting) of grid cells
  • Simulate soil vapor flow through the unsaturated zone
  • Fractured porous media simulations with dual porosity and discrete fracture representations
New Features in Version 4
  • Density-dependent flow and transport
  • Time-varying material properties
  • PCG5 solver

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